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Polymer Science: A Comprensive Reference
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The organization and outline of the ten volumes of this edition of Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference has been chosen to give consideration to these developments, but also to link the fundamentals of polymer science, as developed over almost 100 years, with the challenges of the ever more complex systems, and introduce connections that will dominate the future development of a polymer-based molecular soft matter science. Besides the classic print edition, this new edition of Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference is also provided as an e-version, enabled with efficient cross-referencing and multimedia. We invited the top world experts in polymer science to serve as volume editors and this ‘dream team’ has prepared a ten-volume set with 269 chapters covering both the fundamentals and the most recent advances in polymer science. Volumes 1–5 are directed toward the fundamentals of polymer science, that is, polymer physics and physical chemistry, advanced characterization methods, and polymer synthesis. In spite of the breadth of information collected in these five volumes, it has not been possible to cover all aspects of polymer science. In some cases, the reader must refer to the chapters in volumes 6–10 that address topical developments with a stronger material focus.